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Have you ever delivered a speech or presentation before? Most probably you have. So how did it go? Have you encountered any of the following while delivering it?

  • You have uncontrollable butterflies in the stomach;
  • Your stuttering voice is making it difficult for you to speak clearly;
  • You’re sweating all over;
  • Your listeners are yawning their way to dreamland and pouting their lips;
  • You feel so conscious with your audience’s reaction that you can’t focus on your speech

Be desperate no more! If your career is sluggish due to public speaking hindrances, kiss your worries good bye!

Now, you can start re-building your dreams and ascension to company hierarchy by this gem of a book designed to help especially the timid novices of public speaking and turn them into ace public speakers!

According to a recent survey, more people are afraid of public speaking than they are of dying.

Now you can become the best public speaker you could ever be!

This course  will show you how to get that golden tongue which can draw out enthusiastic responses from the bottom of people’s hearts and stimulate them to nod unreservedly to your discussion.

The information contained therein is a condensed write-up of powerful principles and easy-to-follow steps to writing and delivering spectacular speeches.

It will give you the crucial answers to such questions as “How do effective speakers really captivate their audience? How can they influence people by mere words? What can I do to be as successful as they are? How can I really conquer speech fright?”

  • Overcome your fear of public speaking
  • Manage speech anxiety effectively
  • Prepare a powerful speech using 9 basic steps
  • Analyze your audience to make your topic fit their interests
  • Enhance the quality of your speech
  • Organize your speech carefully to improve understanding and recall
  • Organize an introduction that will relax you and your audience
  • Identify the 3 qualities an effective speaker should possess
  • Know how public speaking can improve your personal development

If your career, love life, or personal life depends on your public speaking skills, then the information you will find within this course is priceless. 

It will turn you into a public speaking phenomenon in no time at all.

You Can Become the star on the stage! 

Leave your audience breathless with every impactful word you speak!

There’s no time to waste.

Enroll  today!

Victoria Gallagher

Victoria Gallagher

Hypnotist / Law of Attraction Coach

Victoria Gallagher is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Law of Attraction Expert, Certified NLP Trainer, Success Coach, and Public Speaker.

In 1999, Victoria created, which is recognized as one of the most successful hypnosis websites in the world, specializing in professional hypnosis CDs and DVDs. The hypnotic recordings are comprised of uniquely written scripts, ambient background music, and Victoria's mesmerizing voice.

As a Hypnotist for 18 years, Victoria has been influencing the lives of hundreds of thousands through her work which helps people change their limiting beliefs at the subconscious level of their minds.

Victoria's work has received 1000's of unsolicited client reviews and caught the attention of ABC's 20/20 in July 2013, where she was interviewed by Dan Harris in an episode entitled "Got Luck?"

As an internet marketer and entrepreneur, Victoria has also written 20 self-help audio books that cover topics of Attracting Good Luck, Attracting Your Soulmate, Learning how to Meditate, to Chakra Healing Secrets which are available on Amazon Kindle.

Victoria has developed and maintained over 35 websites, including PersonalGrowthClub, which is a personal growth membership site which over 60 weekly video training modules designed to help people reach big goals.

Victoria has a passion for helping people to go after and reach their big dreams and goals in life and has been coaching people in this area for the past 20 years and claims that one of the quickest ways to achieve that is through hypnosis.

Victoria Gallagher lives an adventurous dream-life having just re-located with her 3 cats from the sunny beaches of Palm Beach, Florida out west to Scottsdale, AZ where she loves to hike and ski with her soulmate.

Course Contents


13 Audios

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 – An Introduction to Public Speaking

Lesson 2 – Transforming Into a public speaker

lesson 3 - from the beginning, your first speech

lesson 4 - nurturing confidence within the speaker

lesson 5 - conquering fears

lesson 6 - choosing the right topic

lesson 7 - understanding your audience

lesson 8 – how to organize your speech

Chapter 9: Giving Your Speech a Concise Outline

Chapter 10: Preparing Appropriate Visual Aids

Chapter 11: Delivering Your Message with Meaning

Chapter 12: Final Questions

BONUS: Public Speaking Confidence Hypnosis MP3

Public Speaking eBook